2011-16 Achievements

Achieve ments


N. Rangasamy was the Chief Minister of Puducherry for 7 years ( May 2001 – September 2008 ) and this period is considered to be the golden era in the history of Puducherry. During his government, he implemented many new schemes for the welfare of Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe & Yanam people. He had been awarded as a BEST CHIEF MINISTER for continuous 3 years by a National Newspaper (India Today). He followed Simplicity, Fairness and Transparency through out his Government and in general his government was called People’s Government.
Some of the highlights of his achievement during his Government are listed below

   Establishment of Government Medical College

   Government Women and Children’s Hospital

   Government Eye Hospital in Karaikal

   Government Nursing College from Nursing School.

   Started B.Ed and D.T.Ed courses in Pondicherry State Co-operative Union

   Combined court complex

   Perunthaliavar Kamaraj Centenary Education Complex

   High Level bridge between Ariyankuppam and Murugapakkam and another
bridge in Sanakaraabarani River at Sellipet and another bridge across Pambai River.

   Another bridge across Arasalar river in Karaikal

   A modern new prison in kalapet

   Rs 4.5 Crores has been made as State Share for Electrification of
Villupuram – Pondicherry Railway line

   Port in Karaikal was initiated with private investment for the overall economic
development and prosperity of the region.

   Established Milk Chilling plant and Modern Rice Mill in Karaikal.

   Special Economic Zone at Sedarapet

   MRI Scan facility in GH

   Enhancement of MLA area development fund from Rs. 40 lakhs to Rs. 1 Crore.

   Power connections to huts under One Hut One Bulbs Scheme

   Free distribution of 10 Kgs rice to all families every month

   Launched Rajiv Gandhi Break Fast Scheme first of its kind in India from
pre-primary to 12th Std.

   Mid-day Meals was extended from Pre-Primary to 12th Std.

   Introduction of evening snacks and biscuits

   60% subsidy of tuition fees for the CENTAC sponsored students in Medical,
Engineering and Professional Courses.

   Free distribution of Text books, Stationary items, bicycles and raincoats and
Chapels to students

   Making of Tamil compulsory upto 8th std.

   Conversion of all Thatched school buildings into concrete buildings

   House construction subsidy for all poor people

   Free distribution of a set of baby dress, towels, soaps to all babies born in
Government maternity hospital.

   Free distribution as well as Subsidy for cattle’s and cattle feeds

   Enhancement in Old Age, freedom fighter & weavers Pension and Free
Blankets and chapels to Senior Citizens

   Financial assistance for carrying out funeral rites of freedom fighers and it is
extended to theirs wives too

   For Disabled persons age limit relaxed upto 10 years and 3% reservation
in employment and education. Payment of financial assistance varies from
Rs. 500 to Rs.1000 p.m. Free distribution of Motorised and Non-Motorised Tricycles

   Group insurance for agricultural labours and its first time in India

   Cash compensation for the crops damaged during natural calamities and the
certificate is also issued to claim the full insurance amount for the full loss incurred.

   Pondicherry Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board were
established for the welfare of the Building and Other construction workers.

   Many subsidy was introduced for mechanized fishing boats, country crafts and
tackles, 50% subsidy for the fishing boat insurance, Payment of Rs. 100/-
and 100 KG of rice issued to each fishermen family during Ban periods.

   Introduction for new pension scheme for fishermen who attained 60 years.

   50% reduction of stamp duty on registration of immovable properties registered in the
name of women

   Many financial assistance for performance of girl Childs, marriage of poor girls, and
daughters of widows and destitute.

   Subsidy for MANGALYAM for the marriage of Poor Bride.

   Financial assistances to poor parents who have only girl child studying from 8th to 10th Std
for their career development.

   Rs. 50 lakhs has been given to Police welfare Society in order to extend Police personnel welfare.

   Hut less Pondicherry were introduced Perunthalaivar Kamaraj Centenary Housing Scheme where
subsidy is given to eliminate huts

   Subsidy for MANGALYAM for the marriage of Poor Bride.

   Slum up gradation programme.

   Night shelter has been constructed in front of Maternity Hospital

   Financial Assistance for Oru Kala Pooja was enhanced

   Financial Assistance to Waku Board for renovation of Mosque

   Introduction of Group Insurance to temple employees

   Renovated the three main temple cars, fully from Government funds.

   Investment subsidy was provided for the development Tourism in Pondicherry to the tune of 25%
of total investment and maximum of 1 Crore

   Saneeswar Temple, Karaikal is to be developed as Temple Town

   Establishment of Artificial beach along the seashore